Foundation Repair – Underpinning

If your house is showing signs of damage related to foundation settlement it means the soil underneath the property cannot support the house load and it needs to be repaired.

Your house is probably experiencing cracks in walls and ceilings, or doors and windows that stick or don’t close at all. That has to be stopped immediately!

BC Foundations underpinning method is the best solution to reinforce and stabilize foundations which could be potentially risky if no action is taken.

BC Foundations’ underpinning method advantages are:

  • The whole project is designed, inspected and sealed by our in office engineer
  • Our piles and brackets are the highest quality of steel in the market
  • The installation is fast and vibration free
  • It is cost effective

How Does Underpinning Work?

  • The process begins by determining the location of each helical pile.
  • Proper excavation is made to reveal and prepare the footings for bracket placement
  • The piles can now be driven to reach designed depth, where the bearing soil is located.
  • Once all piles are installed, the brackets can be positioned and the house can be stabilized 
  • At this point the house settlement stops and the property foundation is secured 
  • If needed the foundation can be lift by using hydraulic jacks to bring the house to proper level

Underpinning – Other Advantages

Underpinning is cost effective

The advantage of BC Foundations underpinning system is the whole process is fast and cost effective. By using our helical piles and brackets to stabilise the foundation you eliminate large costs such as big excavations and labour.

The only excavation needed is where the piles will be installed and the whole operation can be done with 2 or 3 people.

Underpinning is Vibration Free

When foundation repair is required, BC Foundations underpinning method is the best approach. 

However, what makes this process stand up from other foundation repair methods is helical piles are vibration free. But not only this, helical piles and underpinning also produce minimal noise during installation.

That means the installation of helical piles and underpinning will not affect other buildings nearby.

BC Foundations is strategically based in Kamloops, BC with the ultimate goal to provide the best solution for helical pile installation and foundation repair in British Columbia. 

Our helical piles and foundation repairs are designed, installed, inspected and sealed by our in office geotechnical engineer. 

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